“The quality of the ads has been incredible”

I’ve never done Facebook ads before and this is the first time I’ve actually done them and the quality of the ads has been incredible. The people that are actually responding once they’ve clicked on the ad, have been very responsive. The ability to talk to new people that are qualified has been also a great experience and it’s been worth every dollar we’ve invested in it.


Pasadena, CA


“She understands Facebook ads and the financial side as well”

I needed to find somebody who not only knew the Facebook ad side, but really knew the financial and life insurance side as well. So when I was introduced to Portia, I did my due diligence. I vetted her out, and she is not only a numbers driven person, she understands Facebook ads and how they work and she understands the life insurance and the financial side. So I’d highly encourage anybody that’s looking to take that step, to reach out to her, reach out to the team and go ahead and take that step.




“21 Appointments in the 1st Month”

We were able to get them 21 appointments within the first month, in fact, including 13 in the first week. In fact, they messaged me and said, you know, you need to decrease the budget because we can’t keep up with all the demands. So that’s always exciting stuff to see. So if you’re on the fence about working with Portia, I highly recommend it. She’s incredible. You are going to get a great quality of work

Barbara S.

“You will not be disappointed.”

Percy B.

“Portia actually knows the financial space … she knows what prospects need in order to gain the know, like and trust factor.”

Joe V.

“Loved the idea of working with a fellow CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™[professional] who understands what I do and how to connect with clients.”

Steven L.

“Easy to work with and confident in their strategies”

John B.

“The ability to talk to new people that are qualified has been also a great experience and it’s been worth every dollar we’ve invested in it.”

Phil C.

“Delivered exactly as promised”

Tyson B.

“She understands Facebook ads and the financial side as well.”



Facebook Messenger conversations with qualified leads for less than $5 each

Grant B. is getting scheduled calls for as low as $10.99

James B. in Chicago, IL is getting leads for $9 each

Southern California Financial Advisor has over $250k in the pipeline, all from online marketing campaigns … during the pandemic!


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